At an elevation of 1210 feet, the hottest district in the state, Una, is referred to as the Gateway to Himalayas. The land seems an exception in Himachal Pradesh, where most of the cities are in the hilly region. If you intend to visit the place in summer, you need to have cotton clothes to make your stay comfortable. Here are the destinations around this place.

Pong Dam
Gobind Sagar Lake
Kutlehar Forts
Bramhauti Temple
Chintpurni Temple
Dera Baba Barbhag Singh
Dhunsar Mahadev Temple


On the 1st September,1972 the Himachal Pradesh Govt. reorganized the Kangra district into  three districts namely Una, Hamirpur and Kangra.The famous places are ‘Chintpurni’ Goddess temple, Dera Baba Barbhag Singh, Dera Baba Rudru, Joggi Panga, Dharamshala Mahanta, Dhunsar Mahadev Temple Talmehra, Shivbari Temple Gagret and Mini Secretariat. The district is well developed in the industrial sector because of close proximity to Punjab. Mehatpur, Gagret, Tahliwal & Amb are main industrial centres of district. On 11th January 1991, Una has been provided with railway line by laying 14 Kms broad gauge track from Nangal(Punjab) to Una. Punjabi, Hindi, Pahari are common languages. In winter, climate is cool, woolen clothes required. In summer, climate is hot, cotton clothes required. From July to September, it is rainy & humid. 

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