Perched at an altitude of 2,700 meters in the remote Kinnaur district, Sangla, overlooking the eye-popping Baspa Valley. This remote town is set in the lap of hulking mountains with a sparse settlement of Kinnauris, who are largely depend on agriculture. Thus the valley surrounding this town is dotted with several and cattle farms, which shows the valley’s serene environment.  To catch the best of the local culture you have the option of staying within them in the Dogris. Sangla, on the other hand, is a gateway to numerous treks and hikes. The Kinnaur-Kailash Circuit, Rupin Pass trek and Sangla-Kanda trek are some of well known treks in Himachal.

Reasons to Visit
  • Sangla is a riverside valley overlooking stunning Himalayan views.
  • It is best visited for a nature centric experience, walks, trekking, trout fishing etc.
  • Guests to Sangla can stay riverside and explore the area on foot.
  • Chitkul village is few km’s away from Sangla, where the views get even bigger and is the last point before Tibetan border.
  • The area is full of apple orchards and April-Sept is best time to arrive here and explore.
  • Overnight trekking options around the area are good and the hills around are much more unexplored and pristine as compared to other known and explored trekking routes.
  • It is also where you can pickup famous Kinnauri shawls, woolen socks, tweeds and silver jewelry studded with Tibetan pearls
  • This place is recommended for Glacier trekking in March and April

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