Shiv Temple

Shiv Temple Baijnath is a rever shrine of Himachal Pradesh. Located at a distance of 16 kms from Palampur in the Beas valley, Baijnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Originally known as Kiragrama, the village lies on the Pathankot-Mandi highway (National Highway No. 20) almost midway between Kangra and Mandi. The present name Baijnath became popular after the name of the temple. The village is on the left bank of the river Binwa. A corrupt form of ancient Binduka, a tributary of river Beas.

The Baijnath temple has been continuously under worship ever since its construction in 1204 A.D. The two long inscriptions in the porch of the temple indicate that a temple of Shiva. Existed on the spot even the present one was constructed.

The temple is a beautiful example of the early medieval north Indian Temple architecture know as Nagara style of temples. The Svayambhu form of Sivalinga is enshrine in the sanctum of the temple that has five projections. Each side and is exceed with a tall curvilinear Shikhara.

The entrance to sanctum is through a vestibule that has a large square “Mandapa” in front with two massive balconies one each in north and south. There is a small porch in front of the mandapa hall that rests on four pillars in the front preceded by an idol of “Nandi”, the bull, in a small pillared shrine. The whole temple is enclose by a high wall with entrances in the south and north.

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