Kheer Ganga is a small village in Parvati Valley at an altitude of 3050 m, at a distance of 64km from Kullu, 22 km from Manikarna, 56km from Bhuntar.  You can be reach from Barsheni by 11 km trek and usually a 2 day trip from Kullu / Barsheni.

Kheer Ganga trek starts from the village Barsheni which is reachable from Manikaran. We recommend you to hire a guide to trek this route.  One can see the confluence of Tosh River and Parvati River at Barsheni. Starting trekking from Barsheni, travellers can watch many attractions like Rudra-Nag, the serpent shaped waterfall, the rock formation of Pandu Pul and the Pin-Parvati Pass (5400 m). Pin Valley National Park is another tourist attraction, is 2 day trek from Barsheni / Kullu, known for its resident wildlife population including snow leopards.

This trek is very pleasant and offers some excellent views. A quick bath in the hot spring, After climbing the Kheer Ganga relaxes the mind and body. The view of the sunset apart from trekking through Kheer Ganga forests is an incredible experience for a trekker. There’s no electricity in Kheer Ganga and all the lights run on solar power. We recommend to carry enough food while trekking the place. The place infamous for the marijuana that grow here which is Charas.  It is favorite destination for the hippies and become popular in Israelis.

Places To See

  • There are small hiking spots which are varying from 2 km to 15km and would take around 2 to 4 hours depending on your pace like Karthikeyan Gufa and Pandav Gufa where pandav did their agyatvas.
  • There is a natural Hot Sulphur Spring in Khir Ganga which has a mythological story around it. You can take hot water bath and enjoy the dramatic scenery of the valley.
  • There is an ancient Shiv Temple by the hot spring.

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