Jwalamukhi Temple

Jwalamukhi is a famous temple to the goddess Jwalamukhi, the deity of flaming mouth. Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch of Kangra, a great devotee of goddess Durga, dreamt of the sacred place and the Raja sent people to find out the whereabouts of the site. The site traced using the most advanced post dream assessment and sacred site location tracing technology that Raja’s people had at the time and the Raja built a temple at that location.

The building is modern (by Raja Bhumi Chand Kotoch’s standards) with a gilt dome and pinnacles, and possesses a beautiful folding door of silver plates. The temple located on a small spur on the Dharamsala-Shimla road. Distance of about 20 km from the Jwalamukhi Road Railway Station attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year. No idol is locate in temple, deity is worship in form of flames which come out from crevices of rock.

There’s small platform in front of temple and big mandap where huge brass bell presented by King of Nepal hung. Usually milk and water are offer and the ahutis or oblations are offere to the sacred flames in the pit. Situated in the centre of the temple in between the floor pillars supporting the roof. The deity is offer Bhog of Rabri or thick milk, Misri or candy, seasonal fruits, milk. There is a mystic Yantra or diagram of the goddess, which is covered with, shawls, ornaments and mantras are recited. The puja has different ‘phases’ and goes on practically the whole day.

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