Bhimakali Temple

The Bhimakali temple, reputed for 800 years old. It dedicate to Goddess Durga or Bhimakali and is consider one of significant Shakti Peeths of Shaivite Hindus. The temple is Tibetan in its architectural style, with Buddhist and Hindu influences and bronze statues of both religions in the shrines. It has slanted slate roofs, golden towers, pagodas and a carved silver door.

Dussehra celebrate in a grand way at BhimakaliTemple and in the village of Sarahan , with animal sacrifice playing a big role the festivities.Bhimakali Temple regarded as one of the fifty one sacred Shaktipeeths. marvelous example of hill architecture, the temple complex at Sarahanis set against the incredibly beautiful backdrop of high ranges and forested slopes. Built in a mixture of the Hindu and Buddhists styles, it was the temple of Bushair rulers of Rampur (Shimla). The palaces of the royal family are adjacent to the temple. From Sarahan there is a view of the Srikhand Peak , revered as the home of goddess Lakshami.

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